On Line Permitting

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs recent presentation with online permitting, inspections, and electronic plan review at NJBOA’s January 24th meeting has been helpful for those new to the details of Bill #A1145.  However, for those already familiar, there hasn’t been anything particularly new.  Despite the State’s decision to provide some information on the Uniform Construction Code amended Regulations, they are still waiting for the licensing boards to allow electronic seals in lieu of raised seals,  on applications that require them.  

There is plenty to get started on while we wait for the NJDCA to finalize the UCC regulations on this issue.  Here are some things to consider with your Department’s electronic permitting,  which is for informational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as promotional material:

  • Building Departments must be properly equipped to receive electronic permitting.
  • Building Departments have to provide the ability to submit electronic inspection requests.
  • At least 80% of required Construction Permit Applications are required to be offered electronically.
  • Applications which do not require a raised seal can be submitted electronically while the State finalizes this issue with the licensing boards.
  • Plans prepared by homeowners, proposing to complete work on their own house in which they live, can be submitted electronically.
  • Building Department software must provide:
    •  continuous 24-hour access for the submission of all Construction Permit Application documents. 
    • continuous 24-hour access for inspection scheduling requests.

Contact your software provider directly (SDL, Mitchell-Humphrey, Roadrunner, etc.) to make sure you will be compliant with the UCC Regulations.  Questions regarding the use of the NJDCA’s software platform including costs and surcharges may be directed to njepermits [DCA] njepermits@dca.nj.gov

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